Trump Blocks Global Economic Migrant Tsunami Devastating Europe

They aren’t escaping the Syrian conflict. In fact they aren’t even on the same continent. They aren’t even escaping conflict in Libya. Who are they? They are the economic migrants posing as refugees under the guise of the United Nation’s replacement migration operation threatening the stability of western civilization. This is no accident.

You will find them in Calais, France disrupting the highways and rioting in the streets. You will find them in Hamburg,Germany demanding a government handout. And in numbers exceeding expectations, you will find them on the shores of Italy if they survive the journey.

Paul Joseph Watson reports “New figures show that just 1.4% of migrants arriving in Italy are Syrian refugees, confirming the fact that the overwhelming majority of people flooding into Europe are economic migrants from countries not at war.

The numbers, obtained by Westmonster via Eurostat, underscore how the true nature of the migrant crisis is being completely misrepresented by the press, left-wing groups and politicians. Over 20% of the asylum claims are from Nigerians. Bangladeshis also accounted for over 9% of asylum claims, while Pakistanis accounted for 7.5% and migrants from the Gambia accounting for 7.9% of asylum requests.

Out of the entire 248,290 asylum claims received by EU countries so far this year, just 14% were from Syrians. This includes individuals who have fake identity papers and merely claiming to be Syrian to receive better treatment.

“To put that into context, the combined total of asylum seekers fleeing war in Syria and Libya is less than the combined total of those coming from Nigeria, Pakistan and, wait for it, Guinea,” reports Westmonster.

As many as 15 million, a malleable globalist army of anarchy are heading to Europe within the next three years and only 10-15% of this mob have the skills, training, or education to fill in any gaps in European trades. The media ignores it and the sycophants in high places delusion supports the sheer madness that will replace the institutions the pawns of globalism inhabit.

But one person isn’t turning a blind eye. President Trump’s rational proposal to the globalist invasion is a ray of hope against the coming dark ages.

That no mockingbird media brainwashing device has questioned the lopsided globalist cuckolding of your country’s future stability should ring alarm bells from sea to shining sea.

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