Red Ice Websites Hacked – Someone Really Hates Us

Anybody who runs a truther site or any site for that matter needs to back their site up often. I don’t care how secure your server is, anything can be hacked if the hacker or hacker group is good enough and have enough time. Red Ice is a large operation and I’m a small fish but to be honest I fully expect at one point my site may go down. It’s not necessarily even the size of your audience but the material you’re putting out there, whether your own stuff or not, that will catch their attention. In fact they will fuck with the sites/people that have a smaller audience more because it won’t raise as many eyebrows if they vanish. I had a period a few weeks ago where I had a very hard time posting articles or responding to comments because the back end of this site was crawling, and it did this for days, I was getting very odd errors. It was when I was going heavy on the pedogate material. Maybe just coincidence. Could have been just technical issues on WP’s side, who knows…~TS

Henrik explains what happened with the compromised web servers after the hack and what it means for members, listeners and viewers. After the planned live stream of the events in Charlottesville, someone who REALLY hates us have targeted us in an extraordinary way. They are trying to ruin our operation. It won’t work, but we need your help and support.

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