Yes there is curvature in Hawaii too.

I’m going to put a few of these guy’s videos up because I think he does a good job. He’s a pilot that lives in Australia. He does real world observations and he explains things clearly. Of course his YouTube channel doesn’t have a lot of subscribers because he doesn’t promote cultural marxism, transgenderism, pedophilia, homosexuality, genderqueer, or flat earth. We all know the CIA operated YouTube is a black propaganda and disinformation platform and the truth is oh so boring and nobody needs to know the truth so they’re not going to promote any channel that doesn’t support their agenda. Look what they’re suppressing and look what they’re promoting in their search results and suggested videos on the right side of their site. Wake up…~TS

By Wolfie6020

I fully acknowledge that the crane and mast were visible in this video – I was not able to pick them in the small monitor on the camera in daylight.

The ship in Hawaii again after sunset – Ocean waves less than 2 feet

Based on the current Hawaiian Surf report.

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