President Trump Destroys Everyone at His Wild Press Conference in Trump Tower

Say what you want about him but he’s got a big pair of balls. They tried to back him into a corner and he told it like it is when it comes to the lefties at the Charlottesville rally. When he said they’re (the left) “changing history and changing culture” he is exactly right, that comment right there tells me Trump knows the deal. The fact he said that is very important, at least to me, and tells me he’s the real deal. They’re attempting to change history and culture so we can have a mono-culture with no unique traditions passed down within a group or society. Nobody will know history or where they came from. What he said about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson was absolutely correct. Will they be erased from history as well?

A breath of fresh air…~TS

President Trump Destroys Everyone @ His Trump Tower Press Conference on Charlottesville and Infrastructure. MAGA 🇺🇸 August 15, 2017

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