Mark Passio – New Age Lie, It’s Only About Changing Yourself

Let me start with this. I fully understand thought and action creates reality. I also understand the need to unplug from unnecessary or fabricated drama in one’s life and reduce negativity.

What I’m tired of is the people who think if they become a spectator and view life like a cameraman filming a movie they will “escape the matrix”. Bullshit. Number one, you’re not in a movie, I know that’s a cool analogy for new agers to use, compare life to a movie, but unfortunately for them the changes made to the “movie” by others are still affecting them. Suppression of free speech, removal of your rights, surveillance, unemployment, debt, illness, death, war, violence, famine, is still happening and having an impact on everybody. Number 2, you have to change what’s being created in the first place, change the “movie” reel. That takes a change in consciousnesses and action within yourself and on a grande scale among the social aggregate. Walking around as an observer and pretending you’re removed or disengaged from certain events in the material realm to me is the same as walking around with your head up your ass. It’s not a metaphysical path to enlightenment, it’s passivity. Say it for what it is. “I choose to not engage in that”, o.k., that doesn’t mean what you choose not to engage in doesn’t exist and it doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you and others just because you’re ignoring it. And yes, it really many times comes down to people just ignoring things that make them uncomfortable or that they don’t agree with and giving themselves a false sense of comfort. That line of thought doesn’t change what is taking place in the “movie”…~TS

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