🌎 Trump Gives White House to the Globalists

I have to say if you think any person (president) is going to come in and turn everything around you’re delusional. You can put Ron Paul into office and the deep state would beat him to a pulp as well and they would wrap him up like a pretzel so he would have a problem getting anything done. People are debating who should and shouldn’t be in Trump’s administration, who’s part of the deep state, who isn’t. You’re trying to change a system that has been run by a immoral, decadent, psychopathic group of people for a very long time and they’re not going anywhere at the moment. You can put the biggest nationalist on Earth into office and they’re going to have a very hard time because they’re working within the bounds of a very corrupt system. There’s no accountability for anything. They can fire people, but like roaches, they’ll come back. They have a lot of patience, it’s a multi generational long term plan to bring in a new world order. Even if Trump or anybody made massive changes within four years, they’ll wait to undo everything he did on the next go around. Most of the people, even the “good ones”, in government are compromised at this point or are connected to people who are compromised. Another major problem is the public has Stockholm syndrome, a lot of them love their abuser. They love being abused as long as everything is handed to them and everything is convenient, and they’re lazy and ignorant. The public is as much to blame as the people sitting in positions of power for the position we’re in. Until people are physically removed from their seats in banking, the government, the military industrial complex, the alphabet agencies and their asses are thrown in jail…. and people wake up on a massive scale, nothing is going to change on a meaningful level.

No offense to the “love and light” crowd, but how’s that been working for you? I’m all for attaining a higher state of consciousness but the problem is you have a black cult running the show who know how to manipulate perception and reality and they’re masters at it. So the massive amount of low vibrational negative energy and deception they put out every single day still affects us as a whole.

They need to be removed from their positions as I mentioned above.

Sometimes a little force may be needed.

As for Trump, as I’ve stated before he’s made some concessions I certainly didn’t like, but, I really do think we would have been in a far worse boat if the election went the other way back in November. With that said, I’m not at all happy with the current state of affairs in this country.


The White House Purge is complete! By firing Steven Bannon, Trump has removed that last major opponent of the globalist agenda from his administration.

What matters more? What Trump says he will do – or what he actually does? Trump’s purge of nationalists from the White House and filling it with New World Order globalists and neocons speaks louder than his words.

There is a difference between a real Trump Supporter and a fake supporter – aka a “TrumpTard”. Real Trump Supporters have brains. Trumptards don’t.

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