The Eclipse FE’s don’t want to model

By Sly Sparkane

Well, I had to rush this together but this is just a “factual” (facts based on the most commonly used Flat Earth model) demonstration of the observations expected if the Flat Earth is correct.. I also did a comparison to the expected observations presented by

In short, FE’s Azimuths dont work.. Elevations don’t work.. placements don’t work..

The model was designed to the measurements of Sun/Moon Elevation and Azimuth aligned with Hopkinsville KY. At the Altitude most often proclaimed by FEs and even declared by Bob at Globebusters.. And is simply what 30 other locations would see regarding the eclipse at the same time Hopkinsville is experiencing it..

Close to Hopkinsville, many observations look similar but still do not match the predicted Azimuths and Elevations.. or the orientations and percentage of coverage..

more distant locations will actually experience Moon Phases before, during and after the Eclipse..

All information and photos will be verifiable due to the 2 groups of sunspots currently facing Earth..

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