Hurricane Harvey: Rockport Landfall & Houston Flood

By WeatherWar101

It’s always fascinating watching the Weather Channel meteorologists ‘root’ for these storms. They were clearly ‘disappointed’ that Harvey didn’t hit Corpus Christi as it was ‘expected’ (intended) to, and the reason was obvious. Corpus Christi is a much bigger city, Harvey would have done much more damage, and it would have been a much bigger story for them.

The real story of course, is how they can all look into the camera, lie to all of us about the entirely manufactured nature of this – and every hurricane, flash flood, tornado, or severe weather event in this country, while pretending the only thing they are _really_ concerned about, is people’s ‘safety.’

This of course, is as duplicitous as it gets. If they _actually_ cared about the people of this country, they would be telling the people the truth about this entirely manmade storm (that wouldn’t exist at all otherwise), instead of pretending they are ‘protecting’ us – from what they are blatantly lying about (and thus directly complicit in) to begin with.

Meanwhile, as Harvey has degraded into the usual lopsided monstrosity that these storms usually do, the massive In-Place Water Vapor Generation (Rapid Evaporation) Operation is underway. Overnight, up to six inches an hour dropped on Houston, and they are expecting to drop 30 more inches before the end of this event. What is glaringly obviously however, for anyone who actually looks, is that these massive Rapid Evaporation Bursts, are coming from Houston – ITSELF. A couple of dozen Power Plants and Refineries are the SOURCE of the Water Vapor that is dropping deluge on Houston, and that will continue to do so.

Everyone, needs to pay very close attention. There are still several days of this weather operation left, and you won’t get a better opportunity to watch the desperate and constant on-land water vapor generation. There will be plenty of it, and no Weather Channel meteorologist or anyone else – can deny where it comes from. For those who want to track this reality for themselves and see the actual power plants and refineries involved, get the KMZ file below, and study the reality for yourself.


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