Hurricane Irma: Obvious Manmade Origin

By WeatherWar 101

The flood waters from Harvey haven’t even receded yet, and here we are faced with the next manufactured storm, Irma. In this video, just as in my first Hurricane Harvey video, I illustrate how Irma was created by In-Place Sequential Water Vapor Generation (Rapid Evaporation – both on land and at sea) in exactly the same manner Hurricane Harvey was… as anyone with eyes can see for themselves.

For my regular viewers, this reality is about as shocking as sunrise. It’s about as mysterious, and the combustion engine. For ten years I have built this body of knowledge and evidence brick by brick, and no one on this Earth, can credibly ty to deny it.

Note that I specify ‘credibly” deny. This doesn’t mean the usual psyop sock puppets don’t show up pretending they can’t see my 300+ videos, pretending they can’t see my irrefutable book that any fourth-grader could understand, pretending the can’t see my website with the exact water vapor calculations, pretending they can’t see the 50+ years of satellite data that backs up and verifies every word I say, etc., but all that does is expose these denialists and their cover-up agenda for exactly what they are.

So, WHY doesn’t everybody KNOW about this? For new viewers, this is the most shocking and world-perception altering information imaginable, but for my regular viewers it has been matter-of-fact for a decade. For ten years the pseudo-truth community has been conned and hoodwinked into focusing on endless and meaningless HAARP drivel and Chemtrail Confusion that has turned the entire community into laughing stock, with no real or usable knowledge about the daily manmade weather events destroying lives every single day.

By now, it should be clear who the controlled opposition leaders are who have been hiding this reality from their viewers and the population for the last ten years, while I was proving it daily. Just yesterday Dane Wigington came out with his third baseless and evidence-less video denying the reality of boiling water that everyone can see for themselves, which for some pathetic reason, devolved into some Russian tank decontamination video. If you want to know why the population knows nothing about the truth, start with Dane Wigington.

(*Note:) Full Message in Video Post Comment)

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