Announcing the World’s first Flat Earth flight planning App.

This guy challenged flattards nine months ago to come up with flight plans for the flat Earth. Of course none of them responded. What a shock. If they have a working model and speak the “truth” this should have been a no brainer.  But they don’t have a working model.. and never will, and they don’t speak the truth.

So anyway, a non-flat Earther had to finally create one for them.

I usually don’t bother with the FE material at this point but is entertaining for many of us and this guy actually creates some good videos…~TS

Note: This Flight Plans must not be used in real flights, because the plans produced by this App are not accurate, because the earth is not flat but a globe.

By Wolfie6020

This APP is not to be used for real world navigation.

Because the Flat Earth does not match the real world.

The app produces a flight plan that would be correct if the Earth was Flat.

It is a valuable tool for testing various routes and comparing them to reality.

The flight plans calculated for a Globe will match reality Flight plans calculated for a Flat Earth will not.

Thank you again Walter for your outstanding work.

Direct link to the Flight planning App….

I’m including two responses from YouTube from the guy who created this app, Walter. He is responding to a dumb delusional flat Earth moron…

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