Dear Wolfgang | Revisiting Sandy Hook

I’m not at all into Marty’s FE material, he went the wrong way with that, but I watched a bit of this Sandy Hook documentary and it’s good so I’m posting it. A decent amount of the clips he used of Wolfgang have been posted here on this site in the past. Just do a search.

One more thing, some people say Wolfgang is a fraud but I haven’t seen any proof that supports that claim so until I do I’m not convinced he’s a fraud…~TS

By Marty Leeds

In order to properly tell Wolfgang’s story, I have had to use many clips from many different sources. I certainly cannot claim to have done anything more than assemble a giant puzzle and outline and edit into video form, the collective work of those who have been following Wolfie’s quest. It was a story I thought needed to be told in a more formal documentary style. Infinite thanks go to the many researchers who have made videos, done investigative work, and have collected footage and documents. Without those individuals, many of which I name at the end of this film, this film could not have been possible. If I have missed some of you (which I know I have), I sincerely apologize. Many thanks go out to all who continue to pursue truth, many times against all odds.

Many blessings and much love to all,


I sit down with Wolfgang Halbig, a former State Trooper, U.S. Customs Agent, and a School Safety Advisor and Educator and discuss the Sandy Hook School shooting.

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