USAF Dispatched Its Air Sprayer C-130s To Texas In Response To Hurricane Harvey

From last week but still very relevant…~TS

By Tyler Rogoway | The Drive

C-130Hs from the Air Force Reserve’s 910th Airlift Wing are headed to Texas in response to Hurricane Harvey. The unit has a special aerial spraying capability that is going to be put to use to help with minimizing the impact of the brutal storm’s aftermath. The aircraft and their crews are based out of Youngstown, Ohio and they are the only aerial spraying capable unit in the Air Force—a function few probably even realize the Pentagon has in its portfolio.
The ability to spray large swathes of land or water with various chemicals can be used for multiple applications, including dispersing oil spills, destroying invasive vegetation, and controlling insect populations. The whole “chemtrail” crowd will probably be very concerned with the news that these aircraft will be heading to Texas, but their mission there is crystal clear.

910th Air Mobility Wing C-130H executing oil dispersal operations over water. Image Credit: USAF

Because there is so much standing and heavily polluted water around Houston and other areas affected by the storm, insects populations are bound to explode, which poses a major health risk to the population of southeastern Texas and the first responders working to get the area back on its feet. Mosquitoes that can carry and transmit malaria, west nile virus, zika, and multiple types of encephalitis will be the target of the operation. Supposedly the C-130s will treat over six million acres of land while dispatched to the region, far more territory than in previous post-hurricane operations.

Four C-130Hs and 70 airmen should be arriving at Lackland AFB today and will immediately begin spraying operations. With recent night vision goggle training, Herkybird crews can safely spray at low-level around the clock, and considering that nighttime is when mosquitoes are most active, spraying at after the sun goes down makes the most sense.

The Modular Aerial Spray System installed in the cargo hold of a C-130. Image Credit: USAF

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