Cracks In The Wall: The World Wakes Up

Some people are waking up, a lot are still sound asleep, even in the “truth movement”. A lot of “truthers” are too busy talking about stupid shit and disinformation like nukes don’t exist, space doesn’t exist, planets don’t exist, nobody died on 9/11, giant fucking trees, whatever other hokem they’re wasting time with. To top if off these same people have the balls to lecture other people about how they’re not spiritually awake enough. Granted many of these “truthers” are intelligence agency lackeys who are purposely blowing smoke to divert people away from real issues. Real issues like how your reality is being completely manipulated by dark occultist psychopaths. Real issues like how the weather is controlled (and has been for 50+ years) and being used as a weapon and as leverage by the people who control it. Real issues like how society is purposely being degraded and dumbed down and stripped of any moral fortitude. Real issues like how pedophilia, transgenderism, no-gender, homosexuality, etc..are being pushed in order to normalize it and confuse sexual development in kids and thus destroy the family unit and reduce procreation (population control). Real issues like how men are being reduced to whiny bitches with no backbone who suffer from arrested development and all they do is buy shit, eat, drink, play video games, and/or watch football all day.

Real issues like preventing people from realizing that thought creates reality. What you believe and the action you take in the material realm to make it happen becomes your reality. That’s the MAIN reason they want you asleep. That’s the MAIN reason they want to distract you 24/7 and keep you in a low vibrational state of fear. They want the chatter going full time in your head, they want you to judge, doubt, and criticize yourself and others, non-stop. It’s 50/50 folks, in my opinion it’s 50% spiritual, 50% material. What you think and visualize in your head is where it starts, the real world action you take to make what you thought or visualized in your head manifest in the material world is the other half. In other words you can bring certain energy, events, synchronicity into your life by visualizing and focusing, the rest of it requires hands on work in the material realm.

I don’t get on a soapbox often on here but I’m sick and tired of the clowns in the truth movement who consider themselves spiritual gurus and send people in circles, either deliberately or by accident, and then hold their hand out for money. It’s annoying to the ones who take hours out of their day to do this for FREE in an effort to wake up a few people or turn them on to information that might make them think about things a bit differently. People may disagree with my comments on here, that’s fine, look around the site and look at 6,000 + articles I have posted that I thought were interesting, some of it may resonate with you, if not that’s fine. If you dislike my site and think it’s silly, leave, that’s fine too.

I have no issue with people trying to make a few bucks if they’re really breaking their ass and putting everything on the line to snap people out of their comas. I have an issue when you’re doing this only to make money and/or if you’re doing this to peddle bullshit.

By the way you can say what you want about David Icke and you may not agree with everything he says but he’s done a lot of good research over the years. That’s more than I can say about 99% of the people who rag on him…~TS

The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

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