Hurricane Maria: 4th Manmade storm in 3 weeks

By WeatherWar101

4 hurricanes in 3 weeks, with 3 more potentials coming off the conveyor belt, and not one meteorologist asks – “How is this possible?” How is it at all acceptable that every third day a new hurricane springs from nowhere, and the only explanation from the professionals (with unimaginable computer modeling and analysis capability) is “well, it’s hurricane season?” It’s just as ridiculous and meaningless as the only explanation for trillion-gallon floods or hail in Africa being” well, it’s because of Climate Change.” It’s insulting beyond imagination… they might as well say “Santa Claus did it.”

However, and as always, if you open your eyes and can understand boiling water, the reality couldn’t be any clearer.

Anyone with eyes and a brain can see these individual sudden bursts of Rapid Evaporation erupting like mushroom clouds. Anyone with eyes and a brain can understand something would have to MAKE these bursts happen, and that this is NOT natural slow evaporation AT ALL. Anyone with eyes and a brain can see that these individual bursts are timed and coordinated in circular groups, and that it is clearly intentional. These bursts that couldn’t happen ONCE in nature, surely aren’t “naturally” happening in exactly the same places – every three days.

Yet these meteorologists pretend they don’t see anything at all. Clearly there are only two logical possibilities for this: either they do not have eyes and a brain, of they are blatantly, constantly, and deliberately – lying to us. This isn’t rocket science, this is denying the existence of boiling water – right in front of them. This is akin to looking right at the combustion engine, and saying it doesn’t exist. It’s embarrassing, ridiculous, and insulting to the intelligence of any thinking being, yet they perpetrate this complicit fraud every single day – while smiling in our faces.

This of course, was the major impetus for creating this body of work to begin with. I was sick and tired – of being lied to. I was sick and tired, of there being NO factual information or explanation for the inexplicable, exponentially increasing bizarre and impossible weather events, while the so-called “professionals” keep blaming “mother nature.” Even just for my own sanity, I needed there to be ONE PLACE IN CYBERSPACE, people could go to and see PROOF and the TRUTH about daily manmade weather, instead of the endless lies and controlled opposition distractions. Creating that place, is what I have been doing, for the last ten years.

However, I obviously don’t have 37 billion dollars like the Weather Channel does to propagate their endless lies and disinformation. The only reason this repository of ten years of evidence exists, is because of sheer conviction and dedication to reality. I dearly need the support of my viewers who understand the magnitude and importance of this one true source, to help me continue and expand this vital work.

If you value the ONLY resource for daily manmade whether reality, please support this singular work.


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