Hurricane Maria: Mike Adams – Dane Wigington Interview Fraud

FYI I’m not affiliated with WeatherWar101. I think the information he puts forth is very interesting, simple as that. I’m also not a fan of Dane Wignington…~TS

By WeatherWar101

Anyone who supports Dane Wigington while ignoring his decade of documented lies, slander, and misdirection, is proving themselves complicit in psyop coverup of 50 years of manmade weather. At this point it just isn’t believable that that any “real person” would “believe” ANY of the non-information and double-speak from this controlled opposition infiltrator, if they actually understood what he has done and how he has operated for the last ten years.

Mike Adams is a prime example. For ten years I’ve been looking for a legitimate journalist to cover my 20 years of reverse-engineering research and 10 years of irrefutable video documentation proving daily manmade weather. Mainstream media “journalists” reflexively dismiss the topic altogether as “conspiracy theory” (as they are deliberately conditioned to do), and all so-called “new media journalists” I have encountered have ALL proven themselves to be part of the ACTUAL conspiracy to keep this daily observable reality from the public.

Mike Adams has definitively proven himself the later. After (at first) offering me an “in-depth” interview, Mike Adams “suddenly” stopped communicating with me at all. After I provided him with answers to the almost meaningless misdirection questions “his assistant” provided as an “interview,” and after I provided him definitive evidence of Dane Wigington’s lies and slander, Mike Adams suddenly (and without any explanation) went completely silent. His so-called “assistant” (which it is clear was just a psyop sock puppet identity anyway) stopped responding to my email inquiries about WHEN my interview would be published, and that was the last I heard from “them.” I even gave them opportunity to EXPLAIN this behavor to be included in this video, but again – received nothing but silence.

Instead, Mike Adams ignored the proof of Dane Wigington’s ongoing and glaring fraud, and posted an interview PRAISING Dane Wigington. Mike Adams ignored PROOF that Dane Wigington has lied about the very content of my work (i.e. claiming I blamed all weather ‘anomalies’ on the Sun, when I’ve never done a SINGLE video stating anything of the kind), ignored PROOF that he has lied consistently about the veracity and verifiable evidence of Global Water Vapor Generation (Rapid Evaporation) and it’s direct impact on daily manmade flash flood deluges (including the four days of flash flooding in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria), and ignored PROOF that Dane Wigington even conspired with psyop cyberterrorists to fabricate an Iranian-Canadian psyop sock puppet FALSE IDENTITY (to discredit me and my work with), and posted an interview praising Dane Wigington’s meaningless non-information regardless.

There is no conceivable legitimate reason for this total absence of journalistic integrity. Praising Dane Wigington’s tired list of 175 patents misdirections that have kept the “truth community” chasing factoid nothingness, while DENYING my scientifically verifiable, daily observable proof of the simple reality of boiling water (Water vapor Generation / Rapid Evaporation), proves much worse than stupidity, it proves willful denial of ALL FACTS PRESENTED, and proves deliberate conspiracy to cover these facts up.

(^Note^ Full message in Video Post Comment)

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