Stonehenge Shocker! What They Won’t Tell the Public

Stories about this are all over the place but it seems it was definitely rebuilt but to what extent is debatable. Some say some of the original stones had fallen over and they put them upright again and reinforced sections with concrete. Others say pretty much all of it was rebuilt. I don’t know I wasn’t there before or after the work was done. There are photos floating around of the alleged restoration process…~TS

By HighImpactFlix

There is so much FAKE news we have to wade through in our day to day lives that it’s overwhelming. Is it too much to ask that there be SOMETHING in this world we can point to and say, “Aha! There’s NO WAY this is fake?” If you enjoy this video, give it a “like” and share it everywhere. Thanks!

Just to be fair I’ll include a link from the skeptic peanut gallery…~TS

Debunked: Stonehenge fake?? [Patched with concrete in the 1950s]

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