Hurricane Maria – Puerto Rico: Detail of Manmade Destruction

By WeatherWar101

These manmade disasters are so easy to prove, it is well past the point of absurdity. It’s like explaining sunrise every day to a population that literally has their heads buried in the sand, while the sock puppets drown out all reason screaming “conspiracy theorist” at you. It’s well beyond infuriating and bewildering watching country after country being attacked day after day with flash floods, typhoons, and every other kind of manmade weather disaster, and watching the victimized countries being duped into blaming it on God, or on the ‘governments’ of the victimized countries themselves (i.e. the U.S. Government). The total saturation of disinformation sock puppets and their puppeteers has everyone believing this incompetent and bumbling Government is “attacking its own people with weather weapons” (as one of the endless memes intended to turn people against their own country, and divide and concur the population), when the clear and present reality is that all countries are being attacked, by people who are clearly ‘outside’ of ANY government.

This is all, very easy to see and prove. Anyone with eyes and a brain, who can understand boiling water, can understand what we are seeing every day in this country, and every other country on the face of the Earth. Every country has the identical manmade Water Vapor Generation (Rapid Evaporation) bursts, and every country has the same Nexrad / Doppler manipulation. The coordination of these bursts of Rapid Evaporation are seamless across ALL borders and countries across the planet, and are quite evidently industrial network and centrally controlled. We are all – under the same attack, and it is not by “this government” that is literally being led around and directed by Twitter “simulated social consciousness.”

That is why it is so desperately important to understand the simple reality of boiling water. Understanding this one simple reality, eposes all of the other aspects of how the population is kept oblivious. If you understand boiling water, all of a sudden all of the other complex BS misdirections that flood social media and cyberspace, make no sense and are easy to identify. With the simple understanding of boiling water, you can look at ANY storm on the planet, and understand exactly how it is happening. If it’s that easy to understand, then anyone who is talking about complex ‘theories’ that explain nothing about daily events, and using strawman political blame to change the focus to fomenting division, is identifying themselves as psyop disinformation operatives that keep the population stupefied and oblivious to the daily observable reality, that right in front of them. Time for everyone, to take their heads out of the sand. Please support this work, and the continuing effort to wake the population up.


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