8 Gary Moore Licks – Guitar Lesson with Tabs

By Guitar Lick Dojo

In this lesson I cover 8 licks inspired by the late, great Gary Moore. All licks are in the key of A, and use the minor, pentatonic, and blues scales

These licks are inspired by some of the lead parts of “Still Got the Blues”. These aren’t transcribed in 12/8 time; i transcribed them in standard 4/4 time, so you can just generally apply them to anything. The important parts of these licks are the phrasing and the note choices. These are pretty flexible licks, and you should be able to take them and tweak them to work over any blues/rock tune.

One of my favorite ideas in this video is that I take one lick, and show how to transpose it to different positions of the scale. This is an essential trick that will allow you to learn one lick, and get several licks out of it. If you do this, your lick arsenal will expand very quickly, and you’ll also get a better understanding of the fretboard.

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