Las Vegas – Caught On Raw Video “They’re Not Real Gun Shots”

I’ll let the reader decide on this one. Were they not real gun shots or was it a case of a drunk guy rolling around on the ground not knowing WTF he was talking about. One person could have been shooting real rounds and killing real people and another shooting blanks or they could have had sound effects going at the same time to confuse people. Strategically speaking that would have been a wise move in order to confuse people and draw attention away from the real shooter(s). Just a thought. I always tell people that black ops groups have no issue killing real people during false flags. There’s been a long history of it. False flag doesn’t equal a fake event where nobody died. Learn what a false flag is.

They do stage events that are entirely fake with no casualties but I’m not convinced yet this was one of them.

They will also mix real events with phony events. They will throw crisis actors into the mix among the real witnesses and casualties and artificially inflate the actual number of deaths…~TS

By Victurus Libertas VL

I snipped a 17 second portion of a clip from the Las Vegas concert in which you hear a gentleman in the audience proclaiming 2 to 3 times that the shots were NOT real. Do you hear the same as I do? Could he be right?

By End Times News Report

Video footage shows one man on the ground telling others that the sound of gunfire was coming from a speaker and no bullets were hitting the ground. Also, a big compilation of cell phone footage. I disagree with those who say this was a hoax. People were definitely injured.

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