Steve Piecznec says False Flag

I wasn’t going to post this but I’ll roll with it just to be fair. But I will say I don’t trust Robert David Steele or Steve Pieczenik at all at this point, they’re basically saying it was all fake. In my opinion I think they’re blowing smoke and doing damage control, I no longer trust them as viable sources of information. Once CIA always CIA. Plus I got tired of hearing Steve talk about soft-coups, Trump derailing the deep state, and Hillary was going down, Podesta was going down…all bullshit.

I take what Steve says here with a huge grain of salt. I’m happy David Knight went back and forth with him a bit in this video. David Knight is about the only guy worth a shit at InfoWars at this point. Sandy Hook was rumored to be a DHS operation called Capstone with the speculation being that the town officials in that area were in on that drill, it was a much more manageable closed environment. A open air concert with people flying in from out of town, tourists, people traveling through, drunk concert goers, residents from other parts of the state coming into town, it’s a much more difficult environment to control as compared to Sandy Hook. My two cents.

And again, i’ve said this a million times, the people who run false flags don’t care about killing people, so why would they not?

People who were at the concert and working at the hospitals are saying people were injured and killed. There are photos floating around taken supposedly by hospital staff and others of entry wounds, badly injured people and dead people. I’m not posting them because I want to have some tact and I don’t want my site to vanish. Now people can claim they’re fake, you can also show me a photo of a tree and I can say it’s fake. At one point does it become ridiculous? I’ve never been to Russia, I’ve only seen photos of it, it must be fake, all the people who claim they’re from there must be actors. I guess all of the truthers that complain about wars and soldiers getting killed should withhold judgement until they see photos off all of the casualties and the entry and exit wounds. You never know, that could be fake as well.

Anything is possible, but I’m sicking with what I said 3 days ago, I think people died and they threw crisis actors into mix as well to introduce inconsistencies and disinformation into the story as a form of misdirection.

This back and forth debate of whether people died or didn’t die is itself a psyop to create a distraction…~TS

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