In The Concert Killing Field With Stage Lights Out, Shooting – Vid

I’m including a comment from Jeff Rense from the YouTube comment section under this video. I agree with him 100%. I live in area where it’s lawful for people to shoot on their property. I frequently hear gunfire coming from all over the place from different directions and distances I know what real guns sound like. These were real guns. I won’t go off on another tirade like I did last week about the dumb bastards who think they’re experts and claiming they’re ex-military and/or exaggerating their experience and stating this was all fake. Some people are just ignorant and don’t know better, others are pushing the “everything is fake” angle on purpose, it’s a psy-op. It’s disconnects people from realty and turns them into apathetic spectators. Perfect example of what I’m saying.. there were some people in the crowd claiming the gunshots were fake as people were getting hit around them and going down. Ridiculous. For the most part you don’t see massive explosions of blood (like a water balloon blowing up) if you get clipped. This isn’t the movies but people want to believe it is.

By the way, for the people recently leaving comments (which I’m not posting) and telling me to check their horseshit flat Earth website out… you need to get the fuck off my site. Funny how these people come out of the woodwork the same week I’ve been posting material on the Vegas shooting. What a coincidence.

You’re posting comments on the wrong website son. Save your bullshit for somebody else, this isn’t amateur hour.

Anyway, I recommend people download these Vegas videos, they have a tendency to disappear. I have several graphic videos and photos I downloaded that show casualties and they have all since been wiped from Google and YouTube. I was going to upload a few here but I want to be respectful and I don’t want my site taken down. It’s sad but they’re censoring and deleting evidence of this tragic event…~TS

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