The “Official” Story Will be the ONLY Story We Get to Hear

I’ll state my opinion one last time on the Las Vegas event because I had people contact me asking what I thought about it. I think people were really killed but they threw crisis actors into the mix to muddy the waters in an attempt to misdirect the people who are inclined to look into this further and send them down fabricated rabbit holes. Yes I have seen the video of the guy that supposedly got shot in the back of the head and lived, yes I think it’s contrived and was made to come across that way on purpose. That will get the “everything is fake” crowd into motion and keep them boxed in with that theory. As I’ve mentioned that’s a psy-op to desensitize people, disconnect them from reality, and turn them into apathetic spectators. I keep repeating this over and over…they (black ops groups, rogue portions of the intelligence agencies, mercenaries, etc..) will most definitely kill people, they don’t give a shit. Look at history. Something else to keep in mind and call me crazy for thinking this, if they’re killing people, which the last time I checked is a crime, they may want to cover their ass by blowing smoke so they don’t get caught and charged with murder. So it would behoove them for people (investigators, researchers) to think nobody was killed and to look the other way, move on… I see many reasons why they would want to float the “no deaths” narrative.

Not to sound cold, but it’s easier just to shoot a bunch of people then to try to stage everything and control every actor. Especially in Vegas during an open air concert. Don’t tell me about Sandy Hook, Sandy Hook was a different arena, different situation, it was more controllable.

The main thing is to keep an eye on the intended result which is an expansion of the police state and putting money in the pockets of the private companies who supply the hardware and technology to enslave us…~TS

By Truthstream Media

As society’s literal descent into George Orwell’s ‘1984’ continues… here’s the latest “update” just since I made this video back in August

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