Multiple Shooters? @LauraLoomer Interviews Two #LasVegasShooting Eyewitnesses

Talk less Laura…~TS

I’m including some analysis of the shooting from Random Rants of Ryan:

Video 1

Video 2

Another witness. I’m including the description by the DNN channel owner. I’m assuming “the everything is fake” crowd were bombing the comments section which is why this person said what they said in the description. Another purpose of the “everything is fake” psy-op is to shut down all discussion of the incident by ridiculing the witnesses so we can’t get more insight on what really happened. It’s fake, no discussion needed, shut the f**k up, it’s a movie. At it’s core it is a organized campaign, make no mistake about it,  designed to disconnect people from reality, to make them complacent and apathetic, and to shut people up. By the way I’m a person who thinks Sandy Hook and some other shootings were bullshit. But I’m also somebody who realizes there’s other shootings that were real. The Vegas shooting in my opinion is one of them. Bad shit goes down in life not everything is movies and video games, sugar plums and lollipops.

By DNN Deplorable News Network

(First time EVER i have disabled comments) ** Q&A Cancelled – DF — – y’all had the opportunity of a lifetime to ask Questions from REAL PEOPLE WHO WERE THERE, Tell me where else someone is going to allow you to ask them Questions Directly about the incedent? WHERE ?? Nowhere. It took a lot of time to track eyewitness down, get permissions to post their stories, then schedule time for them to come here and answer questions. All you had to do was be respectful, ask questions and MAYBE just MAYBE get some new insight. Q&A Cancelled for all future interviews – DF

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