Witness to Shooting at Planet Hollywood – Las Vegas Investigation

She mentions DHS being there. Based on eyewitness testimony and from the photos and videos I’ve seen I still think this was a real incident and not a DHS/FEMA/Capstone drill.

I’m leaning towards the theory that gun running and drug cartels/the mob were possibly involved. Vegas is still very much run by the mob.

I want to include a comment I found on YouTube about a week ago that pertains to this situation.


By End Times News Report

OroraMonroe heard shooting right outside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. She is certain that there were multiple gunmen on the night of the infamous #1October Las Vegas Shooting massacre.

This video also includes some information from 2015 about Sheriff Lombardo’s past concern over the likelihood of a “lone gunmen” domestic terrorist attacking Las Vegas. The LVMPD had lost substantial funding from Homeland Security because there wasn’t a sufficient “need” for federal funding for terrorism in Vegas. At least, that’s the official story.

Original video:

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