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By TS | A Sweet Dose of Reality

Hey guys and gals,

I wanted to write a quick post to thank the people who follow A Sweet Dose of Reality and the people who send me nice comments. Yes I do read them and I try to respond to everybody. I really appreciate it when somebody tells me they find something of value on this site. There’s over 6,300 posts at this point and there’s a little something for everyone. People ask me why I do this and it’s the same answer I have in my about page…because I want to. I don’t make money from this and I have no plans to place ads on this site or to monetize it. The traffic to the site has increased greatly over the last several months partly due to people posting links to it on social media and various other forums. So a big thank you to those of you who have been passing the link around, I do notice it and appreciate it. I will keep rolling along and posting interesting articles by talented writers and of course throwing in my two cents here and there. I know I may be rather blunt in my commentary at times and it’s because I become a bit angry when I look at what goes on in this world. I don’t see how you can research this material and not have it affect you emotionally. I spend a good deal of my spare time working on this blog and frankly I need to step away from it and take breaks to clear my head. One such period was last year when I took the entire site down for two weeks, I was burned out and I initially was not going to come back. On top of the emotional roller coaster I went through from researching some of this material the routine of constantly posting articles was becoming monotonous. I stepped away but decided that putting this information out was important and people value it so I came back.

You can’t have your head in this stuff 24/7, you will hit a wall. This type of research can be depressing as well for some people. My advice to people who want to get into researching this material…take breaks…do other things, have fun, exercise, create something, hang with your family and friends, hang with your dogs, take a walk outside, whatever, step away as much as you need to and do something that has nothing to do with this.

Thanks for coming.

Oh and by the way you can also reach this site with following URL:


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