The History of Halloween | Documentary

I originally posted my Halloween commentary back in 2015 but I’m reposting it here because I’m lazy and I don’t feel like writing a follow-up article. The Paranormal Scholar does an excellent job breaking this all down in great detail in her new video…~TS

By TS | A Sweet Dose of Reality

Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic culture and the Druids. Beltane (May 1) signified the birth of summer and Samhain (November 1), or festival of Samhain, signified the death of summer or the end of the harvest and also marks the dark time of the year. Samhain in particular was a big deal, it was the “festival of the dead”. It was believed that during Samhain the barrier between the dead and the living was lifted. There’s been various reasons mentioned as to why costumes were worn. One is it was believed that during Samhain spirits would search for bodies to possess so the Celts would dress up as ghosts, demons, etc.. in an attempt to fool the spirits or hide from them so they would go elsewhere and not harm the living. The other variation on this is the Celts would have a feast to welcome the souls of the deceased and then afterwards wear costumes that would depict the dead and lead them out of town. In another variation it is said that the Celts made meals for the spirits in order to please them thinking this would thwart any evil acts or tricks by the spirits which is where “trick or treat” came from.

Also, it’s important to note that the spirits of the people that died the previous year were said to be forced by Samhain to inhabit animal’s bodies as punishment for their evil deeds. In order to satisfy Samhain and to keep evil spirits away the Druids were said to have ceremonies where they burned animals and humans on “bone fires”, the origins of bonfire. One more important note, it is said the Druids would go house to house asking people to pay homage to them and offer something to them and in exchange the Druids would promise people a healthy harvest, good fortune, etc…If you didn’t play ball you were cursed, harrased, or worse… or so it goes.


By The Paranormal Scholar

Halloween is one of America’s most popular holidays. However, it is not all fancy dress and candy…

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