Yes an aircraft Artificial Horizon self corrects in flight

Wow, the flattards are proven to be wrong again. “We’ll just ignore this, ah, um, this not part of our paradigm”. They want the truth but wouldn’t know it if it punched them in the face.

Go figure..oh and fuck you and your “paradigm”…~TS

By Wolfie6020

This video proves an aircraft Artificial Horizon will rapidly correct deviations in roll and pitch.

It has self correcting mechanisms that will constantly keep it aligned to the local level.

The corrections occur faster than 10 degrees in 8 minutes.

For the Gyro to remain level as an aircraft flys over the curved Earth at 450 Knots only one degree of correction is needed every 8 minutes.

The correcting rate of this gyro means it would work just fine even travelling at the speed of the SR-71.

The self aligning mechanism is what keeps it showing level as the aircraft follows curvature.

This video fully debunks the Flat Earth claims that an aircraft gyro is evidence of a Flat Earth.

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