Where are the Flat Earth Pilots? Lets talk.

Where are they? There are none. There’s people who go on these bullshit FE podcasts who pretend to be pilots but provide no credentials, no verifiable history, provide no pilot license information, provide no flight logs, can’t explain how they map out a flight plan, nothing.

So here we have a real pilot who’s asking just one commercial pilot who supposedly believes the Earth is flat to have a civil conversation with him…and nobody steps up to the plate. Go figure…they can’t step up because if they get into any kind of technical discussion about flight plans with a real pilot it quickly becomes apparent they’re full of shit. So they avoid the discussion altogether. If you know something is true you should be able to talk to anybody any time about it and hold your own…right?

They have to talk to another actor or spook who’s part of the disinformation campaign. Anything outside of that loop… no workie…they have to stay on script.


By Wolfie6020

A friendly invitation to “genuine” pilots who believe the Earth is Flat.

Ideally I would like to meet ATPL rated pilots but if you are a real pilot and you think the Earth is Flat, lets talk technical on Flight Planning, Navigation and international operations.

No frauds please. I can spot them a mile away, It will only damage Flat Earth credibility anyway if people try to be deceptive by pretending to be pilots.

Lets try to keep this friendly and have a genuine discussion with a Flat Earth pilot to see how they explain Global Routes and how they flight plan for them.

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