P900 Maximum zoom does not change the time of Sunset

Damn, zooming in on the sun doesn’t bring it back up over the horizon. Damn it, why?.

“The boat only looks like it’s disappeared over the horizon, but if you use a camera and zoom in it comes back into full view.” No, it’s called your eyes don’t have 83x optical zoom and you’re using a camera to zoom in on something that hasn’t gone over the horizon yet, and none if is obstructed, but you can’t see it with your naked eye or with a camera with a short zoom range. If an object is say halfway over the horizon (do some math and figure how far that would be from you) and you zoom in on it with a strong enough zoom you will see a larger version of the object that’s…drum roll..halfway over the horizon. A great example of this is the sun in this video. 🙂

But I will throw this out there to any flat Earther. It’s the same challenge I’ve thrown out for two years and nobody has ever stepped up. Use the strongest telescope, camera, (with a solar filter to protect your eyes) that was ever produced and film the sun setting. Then zoom in as much as you can and bring it back over the horizon into full view. Shouldn’t be a problem you can supposedly do it with small things like boats. Right? The sun is nice and big, should be a piece of cake. Hell, try it at different times, try it at night, try it at 2 a.m.. Please do this and upload the undoctored unmanipulated footage to YouTube and send me a link.

Thanks, I’ll be waiting and waiting and waiting…

I’m posting this stuff for fun and because some people have contacted me and told me they enjoy when I comment on this bullshit.


By Wolfie6020

A short video again demonstrating that the Sun disappears at exactly the same time regardless of camera zoom level.

Two camera at the same elevation

Nikon B700
Nikon P900 – Maximun digital zoom.

The Exposure level was locked on both cameras so it did not change throughout the video. This allows us to accurately see when the Sun disappears.

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