Thoughts, Actions and Karma

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

“I have always thought the actions of men
the best interpreters of their thoughts.”
-John Locke

A legion of Thoughts enter our mind each and every day. Most are but fleeting visitors, many may linger for awhile, but some become our permanent residents. It is these last Thoughts, our permanent residents, which are responsible for shaping our character and creating our Destiny.

Thought is the precursor of Action. Our fleeting Thoughts are like a quick soft breeze: they briefly catch our attention then continue on with their journey without stirring us to any Action. However, as we shall see, the other types of Thought can, and do, stir us into Action. And it is these Thoughts which are the catalyst for creating either a Karmic Event, a personality characteristic, or a combination of both. With this in mind, let us take a look at the four different combinations of Thought and Action.

The four combinations are:
1. Negative Thought followed by no Action
2. Positive Thought followed by no Action
3. Negative Thought followed by Action
4. Positive Thought followed by Action

Negative Thought followed by no Action: A negative Thought which we recognize as such and quickly dismiss from our mind creates no negative Karmic Event.

As an example, let us suppose we are having a Thought of “getting even” with someone because of some misdeed they have done to us. However, upon becoming Aware that this negative Thought has entered our mind, and realizing that nothing good can come from this Thought, we immediately dismiss it.

In this instance, because we quickly dismissed the Thought, we have created no negative Karmic Event. In addition, because we have not allowed this Thought to fester within us, we have also prevented it from becoming a negative part of our personality and character.

If, however, we allow our mind to continually dwell on many negative Thoughts something different happens. Although it is true that we have taken no Action on these Thoughts, and have incurred no negative Karmic Event, the very fact that we are allowing our mind to entertain so many negative Thoughts, over long periods of Time, means that our Thought process will eventually create character flaws which can impair our Decisions and Actions. We cannot create a positive lifestyle, and Destiny, if we continually entertain negative Thoughts.

Positive Thought followed by no Action: When we have Positive Thoughts, and Ideas, but take no Action on them, no positive Karmic Event is created. We are merely fooling ourselves if we Believe that “positive thinking” alone is enough to improve our character and create a better life for us. Individuals who fall into this category are simply glassy-eyed day dreamers whose “wishful thinking” never comes true. Thought without Action, just like talk without Action, cannot manifest itself in the physical world.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that Choosing not to act is, if fact, an Action! When we have positive Thoughts, but do not act on them, we are sending a conflicting signal to the Universe.

We are telling the Universe “Yes”, we do want to experience positive Events but, “No”, we are not willing to do what is necessary to bring our Thoughts into fruition. We thereby create a Stalemate between Thought and Action whereby our non-action cancels out our positive Thought.

Negative Thought followed by Action: Negative Thought followed by Action is self-destructive. This combination produces not only a negative Karmic Event, it also creates a negative person- ality trait within us.

To get a better “feel” for this Principle, let us take a close look at an example which portrays the effects of a negative Action:

Prior to engaging in a negative Action we must first dwell upon the Thought which creates this Action. Next, we must agree to proceed with, and act upon, this Thought.

At this point we have voluntarily created a negative agreement with ourselves which attaches itself to, and becomes a permanent part of, our character. This mental agreement must occur prior to us taking Action on our Thought.

And finally, we follow through with our Action.

Once we have “done the deed”, two things occur as the result of our Action.

First, the negative character trait, which we have incorporated into our personality, makes it much easier for us to carry out other negative actions in the future.

Second, we have created an Action, an Event, for which there will be both a negative Karmic Event and a Consequence.

Whenever we entertain a negative Action we must always ask ourselves, “Are we willing to pay the price that accompanies our Action?”

As a final note: Gossip, criticism, ridicule, constant complaining, and the demeaning of others are also the resulting Actions of negative Thoughts. We incur the same Consequences, Karmic Debts, and character flaws for these verbal Actions as we would have incurred if we had taken physical Action.

Positive Thought followed by Action: Positive Thought followed by Action produces a positive Karmic Event. It also instills a positive personality trait within within our character.

Positive Thought followed by Action is the method by which we create. It is the process by which our dreams, ideas, and ambitions – which begin as latent thoughts within Our SubconsciousBecome manifest in the physical world.

Everything that is Beautiful and Inspiring is the result of a Positive Thought followed by Action. Whether it is a magnificent work of art, an enchanting piece of music, or a majestic Universe, these are all the result of a Positive Thought followed by Action.

Divinity creates. And Divinity resides within us. Therefore, we possess the Divine Ability to create the world of our dreams. All it takes is a Positive Thought followed by Action.

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