The Death of Alternative Media: FCC Murder the Internet December 14

I’m including a screenshot of two good comments from the YouTube comment section under this video. Click on it to view it in a new window. I see pro and cons for each side of the argument. We’re being censored now and I think either way that will continue. When you open a YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, or other social media account and use their platform you consent to their EULA. Even with an ISP there’s a business agreement/contract between them and the end user. Same goes for software. Bottom line is you’re entering an agreement with a business and are using their servers and they can remove any content they want from their servers. You’re entering a contract with a business that puts forth a EULA (End Use License Agreement) that circumvents the first amendment. Your use of their services is an agreement on your part to abide by their EULA and consent to their practices. Do you get it yet? Don’t like it, don’t use it. I can’t stand social media platforms for this reason so I don’t use them. Back in the day I used to post on forums and there was always moderators and they would routinely remove comments that they considered as trolling or flame bait. People were posting comments on a server that was being paid for by the guy (admin) who ran the forum, the way I see it he or his moderators could remove whatever they wanted. If you don’t like it don’t post on that forum. When you sign up for pretty much any forum you have to agree to their terms about what conduct is acceptable and not. I get ridiculous comments on this site from time to time, I trash them. I run this site, I pay for it, I don’t have to post every comment. Simple as that.

I’m all for the first amendment and freedom of speech, but to expect to have freedom of speech when using a platform run by a BUSINESS who’s EULA is purposely written in a way to circumvent your right to free speech and then cry when they remove your content seems silly to me…~TS

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Red Ice TV

The FCC will vote December 14 to kill net neutrality. This will transform the internet forever and the first thing to go will be alternative media, dissidents and those opposing the tyranny of the establishment. Henrik explains how they will do it.

The globalists are fighting back, like never before. They want to take back control of the narrative. We have to fight back, harder then ever.

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