Joe Rogan Goes Off on Flat Earthers

I won’t go off on my usual rant with this topic. Everybody that has been coming here for some time knows what I think of the FE theory. It’s psyop/disinformation campaign first and foremost with plenty of scammers sprinkled on top.

Now they have a non-profit group calling themselves the “fecore” that holds conferences and they’re trying to raise money on their website to do experiments. The address of their “non-profit” 501c3 organization is a Mennonite Church in Indiana. Are you kidding me? I can’t make this stuff up. Look up the history of the Mennonites and what they’re connected with. There’s a lot I can say here but I’ll be tactful. Religious fundamentalists, cults, scammers, cointelpro, they always go hand in hand, you have to love it.

I just like hearing Joe yell…~TS

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