These awkward Matt Lauer moments are resurfacing

By Washington Post

In the wake of his firing from NBC, people are remembering cringe-worthy Matt Lauer moments from the “Today” show and beyond. Read the story.

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  1. After watching this piece, I have to wonder what tells a guy or gal that it’s OK? How quickly do they get the hint from somebody else that it’s not OK to touch, or even joke about it? In my opinion, it’s entitlement and bullying all mixed into one. It’s a dog that senses your pensiveness, and goes in for the nip.

    Frankly, I would correct a person immediately, as well as set up boundaries. To heck with laughing it off, especially if I got the sense that saying nothing [and possibly looking down in embarrassment] meant it would surely happen again. Matt lost BIG for brief [stolen] moments of senseless & definitely inappropriate behavior. Boo Hiss!!!


    • It’s dysfunctional. They’re in an environment (entertainment industry) where everybody does what they have to to get what they want. If that entails sleeping with a fat pig like Harvey Weinstein or a person who has a button installed under their desk to lock you in their office then you go along with it. I don’t want to offend anybody but you have to wonder how many women didn’t mind sleeping with a Harvey Weinstein or a Matt Lauer and aren’t going to say anything. You also have to wonder how many times the script is flipped and men sleep with women in prominent positions in order to get what they want.


      • Valid point. Your question/opinion. No offense on my end. I will propose that the women who enjoyed it, weren’t as attractive to these guys as those that protested. Which would you say presented a juicier challenge?


      • I guess your thought being the bigger the challenge the more of a turn on it is for the people with a propensity to do stuff like this. I have no idea.

        As for some of the women who slept with Matt Lauer or people like him they may have had a indifferent attitude toward it. Sleeping with a pig was just another obstacle they needed to get around to keep their job or to advance their career.

        I do know that I think it’s a unhealthy environment and I’m glad people are dropping dimes.

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      • Me thinks you hit the nail on the head!


      • With that said if any of these women feel like they were sexual abused and/or raped they should file criminal charges. Dropping the dime is step 1, they should notch it up to step 2.

        When it veers away from two adults engaged in lascivious behavior at their dysfunctional workplace and it goes to mentally sick pieces of shit like Kevin Spacey and people abusing minors that’s when characters need to go away to never be seen again. Like preferably in the ground.

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      • My beloved Mother use to say: There’s more than one way to skin a catfish.” What those already caught have gotten is [from an industry standpoint] buried alive. Those still waiting a turn may become an even more public example by actually being incarcerated. It ain’t all over yet!

        The workplace on the other hand may never change unless a very brave individual who is ready to also give up their career goals is willing to tell-all.


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