Empath and Author Sheila Renee Parker

Interesting interview. I grew up in several haunted homes and would consider myself an empath as well, I mostly feel the presence of ghosts, and pick up emotions and scent, although I have seen ghosts on several occasions, so there’s a hint of clairvoyance mixed in. I don’t like using those terms because I don’t think it’s anything special, everybody has the ability but they need to know how to turn the noise off in their head first. That’s the hard part for most people.

Everything Sheila discussed here is very familiar to me.

Check out her website


By Tony Valen

Writer and empath, Sheila Renee Parker is an expert on all things paranormal. Sheila’s blog and popular speaking engagements delve deeply into the power of the mind and spirit. Sheila is followed by thousands of people eager to hear her words about the mostly undiscovered world of spirits, ghosts and gifts, and being open to the unknown. Sheila is author of the novel “The Spirit Within,” and is an internationally acclaimed poet.

Sheila’s latest release, The Spirit Within, is an intoxicating story of a betrayed love with a unique supernatural twist.

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  1. Thank you for sharing,TS! Always a pleasure meeting like-minded people! 🙂


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