Bitcoin & Altcoins Are the Future for Anti-Globalists & Dissidents

Red Ice TV

Sean is a YouTuber who focuses on economics, finance, and politics.

Sean joins us for an exciting discussion on cryptocurrencies. To begin, he advises the audience to, at the very least, invest a small amount into these burgeoning assets to have skin in the game. Next, we ponder whether cryptocurrencies will enslave humanity or free us from the tyranny of international banking. Sean tells us about how the elite have gained control over precious metals. This, he argues, thankfully cannot happen with cryptocurrencies. Later, we discuss various altcoins – such as Ripple, Ethereum, IOTA, and Cardano – and why their existence is a positive thing. The show covers much more, including why cryptocurrencies have value, the futures market, and how dissident right-wingers are benefiting from all of this.

At the end of the show Henrik gives recommendations for some promising new cryptocurrencies. He also gives some basic advice on wallets – including “cold storage” – and some of the services you’ll need to use, like exchanges.

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