US Navy Pilot Who Flew Close To UFO Discloses: A Technology That’s “Not From This World”

Is this a psyop or fake disclosure? A soft disclosure?

Personally I think it’s a soft disclosure. You do have some decent people in the black ops community that want to disclose some of this information. This is nothing new to me since as I’ve stated in another comment they have been dripping out photos and footage of real UFOs since the early 60’s. Now what’s in this DoD clip may be our own technology and not alien at all. That may be the thing they’re not telling you. What’s funny is if CNN mentioned flat Earth some people would be jumping up and down right now saying “look flat Earth is real, CNN is dropping a truth bomb..bro”. Funny how that works, considering there’s zero evidence of a flat Earth and plenty of evidence for the existence of UFOs. Plain and simple.

I know all about project Bluebeam and the fake alien invasion scenario and I’m still sticking to my guns and saying you won’t see any type of alien invasion happen, real or fake. I’ve been hearing about a fake alien invasion for over twenty years and every year…nothing. And please, stop telling me that aliens are demons. You want to go down that rabbit hole and that’s your OPINION that’s great, but I don’t agree.


By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution

The US Department of Defense recently admitted to running, tracking, monitoring and sending military jet pilots to intercept UFOs. Although they claim the program ended a few years ago, insiders from within the Pentagon, including the former director of the program, Louis Elizondo, say the program is still in operation today.

Regardless, for the first time in history the United States has released official footage of a real UFO, which you can see below.

The video shows an encounter between two Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets and an unknown object. This has hit multiple mainstream media platforms, and it’s concerning because it’s been more than a decade and there are now millions of pages of documents from military, governments and intelligence agencies detailing hundreds, if not thousands of UFO encounters.

These encounters have had multiple factors in common, one being the fact that they can travel at speeds no known air-craft in the world can. Secondly, they perform maneuvers that no known air-craft can perform, and last but not least, jet interceptors, when approaching the vicinity of the object, commonly experience critical instrumentation (weapons and electronic equipment) failure.

This may be new information within the mainstream, as it’s never received this type of serious inquiry and revelation before, but for those who have been researching this subject for a long time, this type of thing is a common occurrence, and the most shocking footage that’s been held by the Department of Defense and governments of this world is, most likely, a lot more eye opening.

That being said, the incident below is also quite extraordinary. This is one of multiple objects from the video, which was travelling against 120 mph wind at a speed faster than the jet interceptors.

The one this pilot is describing is a glowing white bright object, approximately the size of an airplane. He also mentions seeing two other smaller objects which came out of the bigger one.

“As I got close to it, probably within a mile to half a mile, it rapidly accelerated to the south and and disappeared in less than two seconds…It had no wings…there’s no roters (like a helicopter)…this was extremely abrupt like a ping pong ball bouncing off the wall it would hit and go the other way and change directions at will. And then the ability to hover over the water and then start a vertical climb from basically zero up towards about 12000 feet, and then accelerate in less than 2 seconds and disappear – it is something I had never seen in my life.”

The pilot’s name is David Fravor.

Important Points To Remember

There are a lot of questions to be asked here. When it comes to information sharing, mainstream media and the government (Click here to see and read about documents regarding mainstream media and the influence intelligence agencies have over it) have always used, distorted and completely changed information. In doing so, they shape the perception of the events which happen in the world. The best possible example might be 9/11.

This is why it’s important for us to exercise caution and critical thinking. Is the existence of UFOs being used for an ulterior motive? The same way “weapons of mass destruction” and terrorism, which by the way seems to be sponsored by the same western military alliance which claims to be going after them, was used to push political global elitist agendas?

In my opinion, most likely. We will have to see where this goes, as there are lots of questions to be asked, and topics to be discussed with regards to the massive shift in human consciousness which we are currently living through.

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