Social media videos capture SpaceX streaking across California skies

It wasn’t a plasma weapon you idiots. I know some people want to believe SpaceX is fake so they don’t want to admit that’s what people saw in the sky, so they just make up anything…~TS

Guardian News

A reused SpaceX rocket carried 10 satellites into orbit from California on Friday, leaving behind a spectacular trail as it soared into space. It lifted off from Vandenberg air force base, carrying the latest batch of satellites for Iridium Communications. The trail was widely seen throughout southern California and as far away as Phoenix, Arizona.

SpaceX has made four launches so far and expects to make several more by mid-2018 SpaceX rocket dazzles in California sky as it transports 10 satellites into space


Would you believe…

We had just departed Tucson bound for LAX on the way home to Sydney and I saw this out the left window.

Nobody had any idea what it was including the pilots or the air traffic controllers.

I logged in to my GoGo inflight Wifi account to upload this low res version.

A few minutes after this the pilots announced it was a Space X rocket launch.

I will do a follow up but wanted to share this with you ASAP.

Weirdest sight I have ever seen in the sky in 30+ years of flying. The video does not do it justice. It was spectacular.

A private message to the person who emailed me just before the flight… There is Karma for you mate… and you know who you are.

For the people who are saying it’s definitely not a rocket launch and keep telling me to check out the videos by a plumber in Massachusetts all of you should really watch these below clips before making assholes out of yourselves. You’re true researchers, lmao…~TS

Reds Rhetoric

Cameras- Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 – Canon Vixia HFR400
Filmed by- Reds Rhetoric
Date- 9/2/2015
Location- 4299 S Washington Ave, Titusville, FL 32780

NBC2 News

The Atlas V rocket successfully launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station 41 early Wednesday morning to deliver a Navy communications satellite into orbit.

FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay

The exhaust plume from an Atlas V rocket puts on a brilliant display from downtown Tampa. Especially interesting shock wave at about 47 seconds; replayed in real-time at the end.

Paul Mifsud, Sr

When: September 2, 5:59 AM
Where: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Space Launch Complex 41
The predawn sun spotlighted the Atlas contrail so vividly we could follow the craft well into orbit. As I went over the horizon it felt as if it were falling. It was all so vivid we thought we were witnessing yet another failure.

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