Stefan Molyneux’s Eight Hour Christmas Spectacular

Stefan Molyneux

Merry Christmas everybody! The second annual Stefan Molyneux Christmas Spectacular features discussions with Gavin McInnes, Roaming Millennial, James O’Keefe, Duke Pesta, Faith Goldy, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Styxhexenhammer666, Michael Malice, Jordan Peterson, Michelle Malkin, Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Jack Posobiec, Kaya Jones, Diamond and Silk and a special musical surprise from Stefan Molyneux.

2:41 – Gavin McInnes
21:19 – Roaming Millennial
51:23 – James O’Keefe
1:26:55 – Duke Pesta
1:50:03 – Faith Goldy
2:27:07 – Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
2:56:22 – Styxhexenhammer666
3:17:06 – Michael Malice
3:32:35 – Jordan Peterson
4:26:58 – Michelle Malkin
4:46:29 – Lauren Southern
5:17:52 – Milo Yiannopoulos
5:49:47 – Mike Cernovich
6:13:30 – Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
6:54:05 – Jack Posobiec
7:26:45 – Kaya Jones
7:52:15 – Diamond and Silk
8:13:50 – Stefan Molyneux’s Musical Conclusion

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