Las Vegas Shooting Investigation – Updates

End Times News Report

An eye witness to the Las Vegas Shooting at the Route 91 Music Festival saw muzzle flash as gunshots killed a man standing close to her – BEFORE the automatic gunfire erupted from the Mandalay Bay.

A visit to Adam Katschke’s home in Provo, Utah. Katschke was an associate of Las Vegas Shooting fall guy Stephen Paddock. Katschke is currently in prison for his illegal Ketamine drug sale scheme that turned him into millionaire (while co-owning a vehicle with Paddock).

Someone, perhaps Stephen Paddock, tried to blow the massive fuel tanks on the other side of the Route 91 concert venue. Those are fuel tanks specifically for use by JANET airlines – a small fleet of aircraft used by the US military to transport contractors out to Area 51 and other top secret military bases.

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