Las Vegas Shooting Investigation – Updates #2

Instead of posting all of these videos separately I’m going to start posting 3 to 4 per post…~TS

By Blackstone Intelligence Network

Take a look inside an average room at the Mandalay Bay. This will be my base of investigative operations for the next 5 days, with a view of both Stephen Paddock’s rooms as well as the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival venue.

Previous witnesses claimed that certain MGM properties covered up Las Vegas Shooting evidence with black curtains on October 2nd. I have now seen these black curtains for myself and can confirm that they are used in the Mandalay Bay. MGM owns Mandalay, Bellagio and the Cosmopolitan hotels/casinos.

I believe this adds weight to the claims made by the witnesses who said these curtains were used to hide the clean up of blood or other evidence.

Remember, people covered in blood did not walk 1.4 miles down the road to the Bellagio hotel and drip blood on the carpet. There were separate shooting events that took place at different points along the Strip.

I discussed the Las Vegas Shooting investigation today with LVMPD Public Information Officer Ocampo-Gomez. When time permits, I will do a follow up with more information on what we discussed.

I paid a visit to the highly secure FBI headquarters in Las Vegas to discuss the Vegas shooting. Specifically, we discussed Stephen Paddock’s ties to a criminal network. I wanted the FBI in Vegas to know that the public knows much more than they may think we do.

The FBI was very interested in where I had obtained my information. Some of my suspicions were confirmed during the meeting – including the identity of a man I suspected to be an FBI informant.

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