Massive Chip Flaw Explained In 3 Minutes

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This week, a major shakeup happened in the world of technology. Security researchers from Google’s Project Zero, Cyberus Technology, The University of Pennsylvania and the University of Maryland and others identified two vulnerabilities that effect nearly all modern computer processors.

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About that Intel kernel-memory leak issue. We won’t really know much until next week on the Windows side – is it 30 percent? Or .3 percent? Probably the latter is closer to reality.

By Mark Hachman | PCWorld

(Editor’s Note: Intel has now provided a list of the affected processors, as well as when it first learned of the problem.) Intel said Thursday that by next week, the company expects to have patched 90 percent of its processors that it released within the last five years, making PCs and servers “immune” from both the Spectre and Meltdown exploits, the company said.

Intel’s announcement was the latest update in an ongoing fight to patch microprocessors against a pair of vulnerabilities released this week. The company said that it had already released updates “for the majority” of its chips released in the last five years, and would hit the 90 percent mark next week. The updates are being released as firmware updates and software patches.

Right now, there are two areas of concern for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, which we’ve described in more detail in a separate FAQ. First, there’s the security concerns: both vulnerabilities allow an attacker to peer into privileged data that normally is concealed. There’s also a worry that any patches will slow down PCs as a result, though Intel has maintained that the average user will be only slightly affected.

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