Saturn: The Teacher – Symbol and Myth

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

Saturn is the most distant planet from Earth that can be seen with the naked-eye. It is one of the seven “Wanderers”, or “Wandering Stars“, that were observed and charted by the Astronomers and Astrologers of Antiquity. The other six being: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

The Roman Saturn is the same Divine Principle that the Greeks earlier referred to as Cronos (Kronos). Cronos is the origin of the word Chronometer which refers to a timepiece. Saturn, like Cronos, is depicted holding an hour-glass and is referred to as “Father Time”.

As the most distant visible planet, Saturn takes the longest time to orbit the Sun. It’s long, slow orbit, just like a lazy River, represents the passing of Time.

Mythologically, Saturn is the patient Teacher. His Lessons can either be easy or difficult. The choice is entirely ours.

Astrologically, a Saturn Return is often referred to as a Re-Teaching of Hard Lessons. A Saturn Return occurs when Saturn re-appears on our current Astrological chart in the same position that it occupied in our Natal (Birth) Chart.

Many people fear a Saturn Return on their Astrological Chart because it means that Saturn, the Teacher, will now force them to learn the Lessons they refused to learn their first time around. However, when we take a closer look at the myth, metaphor, and Symbolism associated with Saturn, we find a much kinder interpretation.

Saturn represents two things: the Teacher, and the Flow of Time. Our lives are filled with Lessons, and to learn anything worthwhile takes Time. We can either invest the Time required to learn the Lessons that Life puts before us, or we can Choose to ignore our Lessons and squander our Time.

When we take the necessary Time to learn a Lesson, we acquire the knowledge that that particular Lesson teaches us. Each Lesson we learn provides us with the Insight, Good Fortune, and Common Sense that is so valuable to us as we journey through Life.

When we are too lazy to learn our Lessons, Choosing instead to squander our Time, we continue making the same mistakes. This, in turn, causes us to grumble about the same misfortunes that befall us Time after Time.

Lessons only become “Hard Lessons” if we do not learn them the first Time they are presented to us. By taking the Time to learn our Lessons the first Time, Saturn becomes our Teacher. By Choosing to ignore our Lessons, thereby repeating our mistakes, Saturn becomes our Taskmaster…our Teacher of Hard Lessons.

In the end, as always, the Choice is always ours. We can either cower from Saturn the Taskmaster, or we can welcome, and embrace, Saturn the Teacher.

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