Las Vegas Shooting Investigation – Updates #3

By Blackstone Intelligence Network

A close up look at Mandalay Bay’s windows. Did Stephen Paddock break this glass out with a hammer during the Las Vegas Shooting?

In this episode – introduction to hundreds of pages of unsealed FBI documents in the Vegas case and footage of an undercover agent who blew his cover by getting caught looking into my car.

A team of mercenaries were operating in Las Vegas during the #1October shooting massacre. My search for the team that carried out the operation took a big step forward when I visited Vegas in January to interview a new round of eye witnesses.

Photo credits: Brian Vander Brug, Adam Patterson, Greg Funnell, Mona Shield Payne, Jake Morphonios

The walls of the Tropicana hotel were smeared with blood. Brass casings littered the ground. What really happened? This Las Vegas Shooting episode focuses on the shooters in and around the Tropicana on #1October

In this episode, I meet homeless people in Las Vegas who live in the tunnels beneath the city. Please support the homeless in your community.

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