Man Fired by UK Government Body For Saying There Are “Only Two Genders”

Single complaint about Facebook post led to immediate termination

By Paul Joseph Watson |

A UK government department has fired an employee for a Facebook post in which he said there are “only two genders,” according to the man at the center of the controversy.

20-year-old Adam Crawford contacted Infowars to say he had lost his job after a single person complained about his comments.

“Lgbt? What about lgbtqqiiaapxyz?” Crawford sardonically asked in his opening post, before following it up with, “Only two genders, snowflakes.”

Another individual named Paul Livingstone took offense at Crawford’s remarks and asked, “Is that the official view of the DWP while you are sitting behind your desk?”

The DWP is the Department for Work and Pensions, the largest government department in the United Kingdom.

Crawford denied his comments represented the official view of the DWP, before Livingstone replied, “But you are on the clock right now.”

Within 24 hours, Crawford received a call from his employer informing him that he had been fired with immediate effect because of a single complaint about his Facebook posts.

It is not clear whether the complaint was made by Livingstone or someone else who saw the comments.

The story once again illustrates how militant leftists will not hesitate to interfere in people’s private lives in order to punish thought criminals who refuse to bow to politically correct dogma and speech codes.

Instead of engaging in forthright debate, they immediately resort to the most underhanded and nasty tactics possible to sabotage others while claiming the moral high ground.

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