Former Federal Prosecutor Joseph diGenova Reveals Unfolding Unknown Events And Facts About The FISA-Russian-Clinton-FBI-Trump Mess

By Catherine J. Frompovich | Activist Post

If you read my article Two U.S. Senators Request Dept. of Justice and the FBI Investigate British Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele and His Russia-Trump “Connection” Dossier Paid For by Hillary Clinton , you probably are wondering how all that happened, or was alleged to have happened, was possible to go on without “real time” law enforcement/judicial interventions, except for the apparent deliberate collusive non-reporting by the corporate ‘free press’ of government agency criminal actions.

In trying to remain neutral, while also trying to research knowledgeable commentaries about what happened, I’ve listened to numerous ‘sides’ of conflicting stories and found one legal commentator Attorney Joseph diGenova, a former federal prosecutor for the District of Columbia, who apparently has an inside track on information and knows more about the actually occurring real events, which he discusses in the video below.

Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph E. diGenova
“The FBI used to spy on the Russians; this time they spied on us.”

Because Hillary didn’t win, the farce became a “tragic opera.”
They tried to frame an incoming president and ruin him as a president.
They created a false case against candidate Trump, a president-elect Trump, and President Trump.
Crowd Strike was the private contractor that allegedly “bleached” Hillary’s computer!
diGenova: “Comey is a political assassin.”
Journalism is now below Congress in acceptance.
Trump was spied on and diGenova lists the names of those in government who did the spying!

One of the real heroes of this entire federal government agencies scandal story is Admiral Mike Rogers, Head of the National Security Agency (NSA), who went directly to the FISA court about the problems discovered in the audit of illegal activities he found.  FISA issued a 99-page opinion describing the illegal activity by FBI, etc.

 November 17, 2016 Admiral Rogers briefs President-elect Trump on what he found out and Trump moved his transition quarters out of Trump Towers to his golf course in New Jersey until the Trump Tower premises were debugged.  Admiral Rogers saved the day! 

In the October 2016 interview below, Attorney diGenova discusses the multiple crimes Hillary Clinton committed and also calls James Comey a “dirty cop.”

It’s a stunning exposé of what happened within the FBI regarding Hillary Clinton; “everything the Clintons touch, they corrupt and turns to foul smelling molten lead”; the quid quo pros were so bad in State Department and very obvious to everyone in that Department; the single most corrupt Department of State under Hillary Clinton in the history of the country; Bill Clinton’s $750,000 speech; the Clinton Foundation wasn’t following the rules and laws of states and countries they operated in; Haiti is the best example of misspent money; Comey and Loretta Lynch discussed.

Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph E. diGenova

Readers may be interested in an apparently unfavorable report by Charles K. Ortel dated 6 September 2016 titled FALSE PHILANTHROPY Summary Review of Selected Intentionally False Representations in Clinton Foundation Public Filings.

Why did former President Bill Clinton surrender his license to practice law?  Ortel’s work and the exhibits with information taken from public records “document an escalating pattern of lawlessness and suggest that trustees of entities in the Clinton Charity Network exhibited gross negligence and reckless disregard in performance of their solemn duties.”

Chicago Tribune

FBI revives investigation into donations made to Clinton Foundation (Jan. 5, 2018)

Investor’s Business Daily

Clinton Foundation Scandal

The outrageously “almost political coup” orchestrated by the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton and alleged co-conspirators—all the way up to POTUS Obama—in taking over the USA for an apparent leftist/fascist/totalitarian New World Order regime is closest we came to losing this country since the great divide of the American Civil War, in my opinion as a student of history.

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