Las Vegas Shooting Investigation – Updates #4

Blackstone Intelligence Network

Stephen Paddock Got Munitions from Douglas Haig in Phoenix.

We’ve already seen a massive cover up of the Las Vegas Shooting by LVMPD and the FBI. How far will they go to keep the truth from the public?

Stephen Paddock was not a lone wolf gunman who the FBI had no knowledge of prior to #1October. Paddock worked as a straw purchaser for federal agents. Whether or not Paddock pulled a trigger on the night of the shooting, the corpse examined by the coroner’s office was not the body of Stephen Paddock.

Officer Bret Thiel, who was posted outside Stephen Paddock’s rom on the night of the Las Vegas Shooting, has been indicted on more than two dozen charges – including kidnapping and sexually assaulting children. Thiel ended up in a tense standoff with fellow cops before surrendering. Is he guilty? Or is he being set up because he knows too much?

In less than two weeks, a serial killer has shot 4 homeless people in Las Vegas. Is it related to the Las Vegas Shooting? I address that issue – as well as mentioning some upcoming videos and events.

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    • Thanks. I just post material that I find interesting and pass along information I’ve come across over the years that has helped me to wake up . Originally the main focus of this site was history, NWO, and the occult. It’s expanded a bit since then… I cover more topics now.

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      • I like your tastes in what you post.

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      • That’s good because if it doesn’t interest me it doesn’t make it on the site, lol. I don’t post what I think other people will like in order to get traffic. I don’t care about getting hits because I make $0 from this site. I always had a take it or leave it approach with what I do here, if people like this site and like the material on it, great, if not, see ya later.

        It’s always nice when people leave a nice comment. I appreciate it because believe it or not, it takes a decent amount of my time to post all this stuff, regardless of whether the article is written by somebody else.

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      • You do an excellent job and most excellent jobs come from following what pleases you.


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