Obama portrait portrays a president with six fingers

I think it’s just a shitty painting complete with shitty shadowing, so it looks like there’s another finger. The artist should have put some more flowers and added a rainbow behind him and had him wear high heels. Next is a portrait of Michael, I mean Michelle, complete with a bulge between his oh I mean her..um, whatever… legs…~TS

Obama’s official, and bizarre, White House portrait has six fingers.

By Alex Christoforou | Red Pill Times

Which official presidential portrait seems a bit off?

Barack Obama unveiled his official portrait on Monday for the White House Portrait Gallery.

Via The Gateway Pundit

It was his final disgrace.

After years of failed policies and anti-American speeches it should come as no surprise that this would be his farewell to the White House.

Aside from the fact that Obama is sitting in a field of leaves, something else is a bit odd with this painting…Obama has six fingers on his left hand.

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