UFO Abductee Travis Walton Saw Alien Technology Beyond Our Comprehension

Travis and everybody he was with during this incident supposedly passed a polygraph test, except for one person whose results were inconclusive…~TS


Travis Walton describes life aboard an alien spacecraft. He is the man involved in one of the most infamous alien abduction cases of all time and can prove his story is TRUE. Walton, disappeared without a trace after he and the crew of loggers he worked with claimed to have seen a huge UFO in the forest they were working in.They saw some glimmers of light through the trees – and pulled up, thinking it was a fire.

When they pulled up into the light where they had straight view – it was unmistakable Walton yelled stop and one of the guys in the back said it’s a spaceship or a flying saucer it was less than 100 feet away. While he was abducted a human being dressed in what looked like a space helmet then appeared and took him to a separate room where he was put on a table and given a mask which rendered him unconscious.

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