Democrats Turning Denver Into Shithole

The Alex Jones Channel

Denver approves local sentencing changes aimed at helping immigrants avoid deportation, such as reducing the punishment for public urination and defecation as well as unauthorized urban camping. Denver has a growing homeless population and residents worry that the new changes could create a public health hazard with human excrement littering the streets. Infowars reporter Millie Weaver sparks up conversation with locals using a fake plastic poop to break the ice regarding the new Denver ordinances. Many locals were loud about the common sense solution of adding more public restrooms to combat the growing problem. This raises the question, why have the Democrat politicians tasked with fixing this problem ignored their constituents pleas for more public restrooms? And why lessen the punishment for what is clearly a public health hazard without offering a real solution? With Democrats declaring Denver a sanctuary city among a growing opioid crisis it appears the future of Denver is uncertain.

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