STARTLING Things They’ve Planned for You in Wake of the Fla. “EVENT”

Same shit, different day. Yawn. Supposedly there were links to stories about this shooting on 2/12/18 on Google, two days prior to the actual shooting. Sound familiar? Honestly I don’t trust much of the information that comes to light about these shootings anymore, even the info that alt-media “researchers” are finding. I think there’s disinformation being planted in the mainstream media and the alt-media. I doubt it’s hard for Google to alter times in search results knowing people will find the discrepancies and then go down a rabbit hole for three months. It’s also not hard for a web master to change dates of stories appearing on their site. I can post a story on my site and pick any date as the published date. I can go back in time if I want. 

Sorry, I’m skeptical of all of it now.

As I mentioned previously if it was real my condolences go out to the families involved, if it was staged then it’s more of the same old shit…~TS


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